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Personal Assistant Service /Caregiver Services

We provide experienced caregivers to help clients maintain their independence and dignity at the comfort of their residence. Personal assistance services may include daily activities of living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, assist with medication reminders, meal preparation, exercising (walking) and hygiene. It is a nontechnical attendant care service for eligible adults who are functionally limited in performing activities of daily living.

These program categories include:

  • Family Care Services
  • Community Attendant Services
  • Primary Home Care Program
  • In-Home Respite Care

Skilled Nursing

We have skilled nurses who provide safe and effective skilled nursing care to promote your optimal health. They perform measures that also prevent other diseases and rehabilitate existing conditions. The skilled nurse monitors your condition and helps you understand how to manage your conditions.

Included in our skilled nursing services are:

  • Assessment of Condition
  • Chronic disease management such as Congestive heart disease, Diabetes, Stoke, Nutritional Support
  • Education of chronic disease
  • Medication Teaching and management
  • Bowel and Bladder Management
  • Wound Care Management
  • Pain management
  • Fall prevention

Physical Therapy

We provide physical therapists who will work with you to improve and restore mobility and muscle strength. Skills are taught in the comfort of your home by specially trained physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Our individual treatment plan is designed based on your needs, with the goal of achieving the highest extent of recovery possible.

Our physical therapy services includes the following:

  • Balance coordination activities
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Home safety
  • Fall prevention
  • Pain management
  • Instructions on how to safely sit , stand and walk better
  • Training on how to walk on multi-level surfaces or stairs
  • Pacing and breathing activities to help you conserve energy
  • Home exercises to improve endurance, designed specifically for you
  • Safe and appropriate use of adaptive equipment
  • Lymphatic drainage massage and compression wraps

Occupational Therapy

We provide occupational therapy services to help you regain your independence and mobility by helping you achieve goals in performing daily living skills such as bathing, grooming, dressing and using the restroom on your own.

Our occupational therapist services includes the following:

  • Customized treatment programs to increase your ability to perform daily activities
  • Comprehensive home evaluations for adapting to your situation
  • Assistive equipment recommendations and training on use
  • Teaching you technique how to save your energy
  • Home adjustment to keep you safe
  • Cognitive interventions
  • Teaching you technique on how to manage with the loss of limbs

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides provide direct patient care under the supervision of our registered nurses. Their efficiency provides great comfort to our patients who needs assistance for safe personal care.

Included in our home health aide services are:

  • Providing personal assistance with bathing, dressing, good grooming and hygiene
  • Assisting with activities of daily living
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and food preparation
  • Observing any changes in condition requiring nursing notification

Speech Therapy

Speech language pathologists are highly trained and skilled in helping seniors retrain and regain their ability to communicate with speech therapy.

Included in our Speech Therapy services are:

  • speech and language evaluation
  • developmental testing
  • swallowing therapy
  • audiometry

Medical Social Work

We provide medical social workers who can speak with you about financial and social resources available in your community. Maybe you need help with transportation or help establishing a long-term plan- our social worker can help you.

Some of the social services we provide are:

  • Community resource coordination
  • Assistance with financial aid
  • ACrisis intervention
  • Counseling
  • Psychological intervention


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